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Top 10 Peer-to-peer training best practices

Peer-to-peer training, social learning, or group training is an approach to learning that emphasizes team development. Peer-to-peer training is one of the most powerful and untapped resources a team has for knowledge sharing. By promoting autonomous and peer-to-peer training, you’re able to build a stronger team that can rapidly grow with your business.

This short guide provides ten methods you can use today to implement peer-to-peer learning with your team.

What will I learn?

1 Gather

2 Inquire

3 Challenge

4 Connect

5 Lead

6 Celebrate

7 Be in-the-flow

8 Communicate

9 Set goals

10 Mobilize

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With these best practices on peer-to-peer training, you’ll be able to enable social learning with your team and ensure their success.

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