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Looking for an alternative to Trainual?

Coassemble gives teams the tools to transform your offline training and SOPs into interactive online training. Share it with your team and dive into analytics all in the one platform—Easy!

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The only shortcuts we take are hyperlinked.

You’ll sacrifice expert support and engaging design options to save coin. That equals a snoozefest for your users and poor ROI for you. Nobody likes a boring money pit, so we can help you choose wisely.

Coassemble Trainual
Monthly Price / User $49 / 25 Users $179 / 25 Users
Support Yes Yes
Certificates Yes 👎🏻
30+ Interactive templates Yes 👎🏻
1,000+ TEAMS

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Here is what our customers have to say

Amanda B

"Great, interactive product"

The learning templates are amazing. It can turn a piece of dry information into an interactive, impactful piece of learning. I love the ease of creating content as well.