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Effective onboarding engages new employees, builds confidence in their role within the organization, and sets them up for success. An engaging employee onboarding experience can accelerate the time a new employee takes to become a top performer.

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These teams train better with Coassemble

A guide on SaaS product knowledge training

If you’re a SaaS organization, chances are you have product knowledge your new employee needs to know.

How that information is shared can grow your new hire’s product knowledge and mastery. Get them the best training for SaaS products by following our guide here 👉

The definitive guide to recruiting and online training for remote teams

Onboarding starts with the recruitment process. If you have a smooth transition from potential candidate to team member, you’re able to scale your business growth.

Learn how to recruit and onboard remote teams, straight from our experts in this article.

What is employee experience?

If you have an impressive employee experience, you’re able to engage with employees from day one.

The employee experience builds stronger employee relationships with their respective organization. EX improves teams’ quality of life and how they operate in their day-to-days.

Training delivery methods: a how-to guide

Delivering training to your new employees effectively can make or break their onboarding.

Don’t get lost in their email inboxes—learn our best practices for online training delivery methods. We’ve packed everything you need to get started onboarding your employees faster and easier.

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