In-House Content Creation

The Challenge

Having in-house resources available to produce training content can be extremely powerful for a business. However, teams are only as good as the tools that they’re using to create content.  

Employing teams to create training on legacy tools such as Microsoft Office is a waste of resources, as content quality is restricted by limited feature sets. Supplying in-house teams with complex authoring tools (Articulate, Captivate) results in slow production times and requires highly trained staff. We feel that most content doesn’t require such feature depth and tool complexity to be both engaging and effective.  

In-house teams require content creation tools that allow them to quickly produce powerful, tailored content.

“We have a team responsible for creating our training content, but we are struggling to find an efficient tool”

The Solution

With Coassemble, in-house teams can begin building powerful, interactive content with little to no training.interactive templates

  • Over 40+ templates to create engaging content, including challenge and presentation templates, quizzes presentation, assignments and checkpoints.
  • The ability to duplicate and mirror content allows teams to rapidly create multiple versions of resources.
  • Upload existing content to Coassemble alongside newly created resources.

The Results

In-house teams can rapidly create content that’s tailored to their business, allowing businesses to capitalise on their in-house resources whilst making training a key competitive advantage.  

Content creation times are significantly reduced, resulting in operational efficiencies and cost savings for the business, whilst staff engagement levels rise thanks to an increase in the quality of the content produced.  

Any content production that was being outsourced can now be absorbed by in-house teams, saving tens of thousands of dollars in outsourced content creation costs.

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