Moving Training Content Online

The Challenge

The majority of companies have been training for decades, and have great quality training content spread across Presentations, PDFs, Docs and more. However, these Presentations, PDFs, and Documents are usually being stored in multiple locations, making training materials hard to locate, content hard to update, and the data around training completion hard to track. moving online training Searching for and maintaining disparate training resources is a serious time cost to businesses, whilst manually tracking training completion decreases a businesses’ reporting capabilities and reduces their ability to improve efficiency through data-driven decisions.

"We’re struggling to keep our PowerPoints, Word Documents and PDFs together and updated in a central place"

The Solution

Coassemble allows businesses to consolidate all of their training in one centralised resource library, and access data around who has completed what training.

  • Upload existing documents of almost any file type to Coassemble, with unlimited storage capabilities.
  • Access detailed reports to track training completion and results.
  • Live chat with Coassemble’s support team to learn how to best structure content and answer platform questions.

The Results

  • The time that training staff spend maintaining and updating content is cut in half, saving thousands of dollars on wage costs and allowing staff to focus on work that delivers real business outcomes.
  • Senior management can begin making training decisions based on accurate data, improving business efficiency and productivity.

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