Tracking Performance

The Challenge

As a business grows and expands to multiple locations, tracking staff online training performance without an LMS can be tricky, leading to inaccurate data and inefficient business operations.

“We are struggling to efficiently train our staff and track their progress”

The Solution

Coassemble is an integrated and modern approach to tracking employee data.student results Coassemble allows you to see cross-sectional team results and has granular analytics so you can get down to the nitty-gritty on who has completed what training, how long they’ve spent, and how well they’ve done. The data collected in Coassemble can easily be exported into a PDF or spreadsheet (.csv), allowing senior management to make data driven decisions.

The Results

By tracking your employees performance, there are many benefits:

  • Engaged employees that are up to date on policy and procedures leads to a more productive and efficient workforce.
  • The ability to see what areas of your online training are well received by staff will let you improve training content, leading to better training outcomes and higher staff retention as employee satisfaction grows.
  • Increasing data clarity across your training process will allow you to make data-driven decisions when faced with internal scenarios such as recruitment and promotion.

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