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Digital Marketing Plan Template

In this digital marketing strategy template, we'll give you examples of different elements you'll need to include in your digital marketing plan template, so your marketing team will be able to know what is expected of them to succeed.

23 Nov 2021 by Annie Symonds

Looking to transform your marketing strategy but need a helping hand with an epic digital marketing plan template? As training experts, we've designed an excellent template for you to create a kick-ass marketing strategy you can share with your team and other business stakeholders. Track engagement through our superb easy-to-use analytics tool, and you'll see where you'll need to update it and improve as time goes on.

But first, we're going to share our digital marketing plan guide so you can get your content ready before trying out our simple marketing plan template.

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What is a digital marketing plan?

A digital marketing plan is usually a concise document every business needs to help them grow. As the head of marketing, you'll need to ensure you have a solid roadmap you can execute within a specific timeframe. While many marketers usually plan marketing in three-month chunks, you'll need to break it down into monthly and weekly steps as well to take the business to the next level.

In this digital marketing strategy guide, we'll give you examples of different elements you'll need to include in your digital marketing plan template, so your marketing team will be able to know what is expected of them to succeed.

Things to know before you create a marketing plan

Before you get started with our digital marketing plan template, there are a few things you need to know, especially if you're a start-up. It's also not uncommon to see larger companies without a solid marketing plan.

If you're looking for a marketing plan example, you can find it in our digital marketing plan template here!

We're going to break it down to understand how to build a marketing plan that could help you create a social media plan, content strategy plan, and brand strategy plan all in one.

Understand the purpose

While you might have various marketing channels to cover, you'll need to define the target audience and clarify why you need to build a marketing plan and how you will reach those goals.

You might need to niche in your audience to see effective results, or the goal may need multiple messaging for various audiences, depending on your unique selling point.

Align your plan with other stakeholders

You don't need to create a huge marketing plan for it to be successful. Use our digital marketing plan template correctly, and you'll be able to build a successful strategy in your lunch hour.

Although we've made it easy for you to build your digital marketing plan, the process of gathering the correct information should take time and consideration. Involve the necessary stakeholders in the business and make sure your marketing plan aligns with their goals too - because you don't want to be another business where each team doesn't align to reach the same goals.

Consider holding a couple of planning sessions so you can build out the digital marketing strategy correctly. You'll then implement the plan across your digital channels with your marketing team to see it become a success.

The two most important things to do

There are two essential areas you need to cover when building out your digital marketing plan.

(1) Build out a SWOT analysis

SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It's the basic framework you'll need to evaluate and implement a marketing strategy. When you've analyzed the data, you'll be able to see what areas you need to work on to grow the business.

Wondering how to do a SWOT analysis? You might want to answer the following questions.


  1. What is our USP?
  2. What products are selling well?


  1. How can we improve?
  2. What resources are we lacking?
  3. Which products are performing the least?


  1. How can we reach new customers?
  2. How can we expand?
  3. What are the gaps between competitors we can use?


  1. What are our competitors doing better?
  2. What could threaten our business?
  3. Are there any new regulations we need to know about?

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(2) Build out a marketing plan calendar

When you're putting together your marketing strategy, the best way to implement it is by putting together a marketing calendar. Break up the goals into quarterly, then monthly, weekly and daily tasks to ensure your team hits the goals to complete the overall mission. This will take a bit of time to execute correctly, and you'll probably need to shift some elements around in due course, but you should see your digital marketing campaigns come to life much more easily over time.

You might like to separate your digital marketing plan into various marketing channels so each team member will be able to see clearly how the digital marketing strategy will be implemented.

Find out who your competitors are

Do your research and find out who your competitors are via SEO tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. You'll be able to find gaps in the market to target, and it will help you clearly define the type of content you need to be targeting to reach new customers and keep current customers.

You could also find out who your competitors are by conducting surveys to your audience and checking relevant social media pages.

Understand your SMART goals inside out

Unsure what is the definition of SMART goals?

Specific - well-defined goals

Measurable - specific criteria you can measure towards the goal

Achievable - so that you can reach the goal

Realistic - make your goal realistic

Timely - put in dates so you can reach the goals in a timeframe

Once you understand the purpose behind why you need a digital marketing plan, know who your audience and competitors are, it's time to put your marketing roadmap in place. Make sure your SMART goals are achievable and realistic in the given time frame you have.

Think about your marketing channels & partnerships

You'll also need to consider your marketing channels and partnerships when creating your roadmap.

Promotions & online marketing

You'll need to think about the promotional side of the business and how you'll reach new customers through press releases, event marketing, and even TV ads. You could go down countless avenues in the traditional marketing route if you have the budget for it.

Don't forget that you'll need to have a solid marketing online strategy. You'll need to make sure your business ranks on Google and isn't buried in a sea of other competitors. Identify the keyword gaps in SEMrush and search for high-volume keywords you can rank for using a fantastic and affordable tool like Keysearch.

You'll need to build up a strong backlink strategy by targeting high DA sites so you can build your DA and link juice to the pages you want to rank for.

Paid online advertising is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups who have the budget to get their site seen without building up organic reach. Although it's a good short-term strategy, build your content organically and wait for it to grow over six months alongside spending on paid as well.

A strong contender for your marketing channels should consist of a social media strategy as well. Make sure you optimize your channels with consistency and don't underestimate the value of Tik Tok to build links and gain a large following and more traffic to your site.

Set budgets and plan the financial projections

The next step in your digital marketing plan is to set budgets and financial projections. Your budget will determine how much you can spend on the marketing campaigns you have in mind. You might like to break down the marketing budget into a few sections, such as paid activity, events, outsourcing costs for freelancers/agencies, and marketing software.

Using our digital marketing plan template

Once you have a finalized digital marketing strategy in place, you'll need to build it into a concise document your team and other stakeholders can access. We know how you probably don't have a great deal of time to dedicate to building your digital marketing plan. The good news is, we've created a digital marketing plan template you can use to get you started!

Our training expert team has designed our marketing strategy template, so all you need to do is drag and drop your content into it to make it stand out and pop. With over 30+ lessons screens to choose from, you might like to use the spin the wheel template to give your content some pizazz. Use the quiz feature and test your marketing team to understand the digital marketing strategy inside out.

There are countless ways you can make your digital marketing plan stand out, that you might inspire other stakeholders to take note and use Coassemble to build their roadmap.

Track engagement & metrics

We don't want you to build an excellent digital marketing strategy and be unsure who has seen it. When you use Coassemble to develop your plan, you'll be able to track the engagement and check who has seen it, and gauge what they have clicked on! This valuable data, which is easy to use, will give you the insights and metrics to improve and update your marketing plan in the future to ensure digital marketing success!

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Keep It Up To Date

When managers take the time to build out a training course or digital marketing strategies, it's easy to think that once it's done, it's done. The truth is, this is just the starting point. Make sure you use your course as the framework to improve and update as and when you need to continually. When you have this framework in place, you'll soon become a pro at marketing planning, and you'll realize your marketing efforts won't go unnoticed.

Why not get started now and try Coassemble's free 7-day trial? It will give you enough time to try out our platform, chat with our awesome and friendly team, who will gladly help answer any concerns or questions you might have. You'll be building out an epic digital marketing plan in no time!

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