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Online Courses for Employee Training

Create online courses for employee training. Transform your business now by learning how to create online courses for employee training in 2023. You'll learn how to create engaging content for employees by using our online course creation tips.

12 Oct 2021 by Annie Symonds

Anyone can learn how to create a course online, regardless of how dismal you might think your design skills may be! Say goodbye to using PowerPoint templates, online course PDFs and any other time consuming apps you've tried already.

In this how to create online courses guide, you'll learn everything there is to know about how to make a course your employees will love.

Creating a whole course from scratch can be daunting as questions may run through your mind such as where to begin, the design layout, and what modules will benefit your employees. When starting out, you may feel overwhelmed with how to create an online course that will engage your employees and offer them a learning and development program that will help them and your business grow.

With our simple, step-by-step how to create an online course guide, we'll dive into everything you need to do as well as how to set up a course using our easy-to-use course management system. Users can create, deliver, train and report all from one place.

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Why you should switch to online training

If you're in the 2% of Americans who haven't yet tried online training, it really is transforming businesses no matter what size they are.

Online employee training is a form of learning which can be accessed anywhere and at anytime, giving the learner flexibility to do it in their own time which is convenient for them. Instead of being tied to a physical classroom, traditional learning has evolved over time as more companies are realising the benefits of online training.

There are so many reasons why you should switch to online training which you can read in our article, How to Switch From Manual Training to an Online Learning Platform. But first, we'll share some of these reasons with you below.

  • It will save the company time - think about having training in one place so you won't have to keep repeating yourself when trying to train employees.

"Coassemble reduced our training time by 41%"

Bo Pearson, Volt Athletics
  • Creating online courses will save the company money especially if you have to fly employees across the state or country. Think about catering costs, venue costs as well.
  • When you use a learning management system to create online courses such as Coassemble, you'll be able to drag and drop your existing content into one of our 30+ templates to make your course more engaging.
  • A major point for creating online eLearning courses is you'll be able to track how your employees are learning. With a simply to use data system embedded into Coassemble, you'll be able to track how your learners are, quite simply put... learning. Find out how far they got with the course, what they clicked on and whether they answered your quiz correctly!

Over 30 screen layout templates

Popular online courses for employee training

Need some inspiration? If you're looking for new employee training ideas and not sure of the types of online courses you can create, here are some of the popular ways you can incorporate online courses into your staff training.

  1. Turn the onboarding process into a fun and engaging online course, compiled with everything from videos, slideshows, quizzes, tests and more. This will save you so much time so you can get on with your work while your new employee gets up to speed.
  2. Turn sales training into an online course and help your team learn the product inside out before they start selling.
  3. Turn policy & procedure training into fun training. The last thing you want is your team clicking next while doing something else. Make your training fun and educational so they have to interact with it to complete it.

While you could evolve employee training into engaging online courses, it could be perfect for your marketing team, sales team, HR team or even IT team. The point is, all teams will benefit from using an LMS to create online courses.

Why are you creating an online course?

Now you understand the importance for online training, you now have to figure out the why. Make sure you set clear and measurable goals the employee training will hit. There's no point in creating an awesome online course if it has no purpose.

Are you teaching an employee a new skill? Maybe you're teaching them the customer experience journey or how to sell a product, but whatever it is, know your reasoning behind why you're creating the course in the first place.

Try not to cover too much in your first employee training course. Niche it up and be THE expert in it so you can make sure your learners get as much value from it as possible.

Who are you targeting?

It might sound obvious but make sure you know who you are targeting when learning to create an online course. Creating a successful course for interns will not be the same as targeting C-Suite Execs.

Put yourself into your employees shoes... what will they get out of it to be measures as a successful online course? When you can understand how important employee experience truly is, you'll realise the learning outcome will greatly affect the growth of the business.

Some of the demographics you need to consider before you think about course creation include the following:

  • Age
  • Role in the company
  • Employee status

What content do you already have?

Fear not! It may not take you as much time to learn how to create online courses for employee training! If you've already got content which is piling up onto your desktop, you can easily drag and drop it if you're using Coassemble to make your course. In fact, you can integrate all of the apps and tools you already use like PowerPoints, PDFs, Word Docs, Google Docs and even Slack into your course if needed!

The idea is to stop using multiple apps and put all of your course material into a learning management system like Coassemble where you can make it more engaging and a fun experience for the learner.

So, compile your videos, images, podcasts, written material or course notes and drop it into a platform like Coassemble and before you know it, your content will sit into one place going forward.

Build an engaging course for FREE!

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Decide which authoring tool are you going to use

Now you've learned why you need to create an online course for employee training and you've got your course material together, it's time to choose which authoring tool you're going to use for the course creation. If you're new to the eLearning world, an authoring tool for example is what Coassemble is - a learning management system you can build your online course on and track how your learners are in fact learning.

There are hundreds if not thousands of authoring tools to consider, but we'll make it easy for you to decide. Start your free trial with Coassemble and unlock a world of engaging tools to help you put together a kick-ass course people will think you've had professionally done!

Coassemble is the perfect option because it is designed to help you create an online course easily. Everyone is busy so time management is of importance while being able to create an amazing online course. With an excellent customer success team to help guide you, you won't be left in the dark to get on with creating your first course by yourself. If you need some help, simply get in touch and our US based team will help you. Even the non creative types will be able to put together a slick course in minutes, perfect for non instructional designers :)

Get started and create your first online course

Now you've chosen the best authoring tool for you, it's time to build your course structure before you upload it into Coassemble.

Some of the things to consider before putting your course idea together is to map out what the structure is going to look like. It might be worth to create a course which is easy to begin with and get slightly harder as it goes on. Engage with your employees with a fun quiz to get them focused before diving into relevant information which might be more complex.

Here are some course creator tips to help you get started!

How to get started with planning and lessons

You're in luck! Check out our How To Create Your First Online Course FREE eBook which includes how to plan, design, create and deliver exceptional online training courses every, single time!

It's packed full of extra information to make your LMS course sing. Page 23 and onwards really help you think about planning your content, so we recommend you read this first before adding and editing lessons. It will get you to answer questions about what knowledge you're sharing and what tools you're using to give your learners the best possible course.

Content and media

Before you add your content and media into your course, you might like to use these employee training tips to help you design an amazing online learning course.

  • Make use of multimedia! And vary your use of it with videos, audio, and images where possible, it'll really help to engage your learners. After all, you want to make your online course engaging!
  • Use bite-sized training or micro learning to deliver easily digestible content - because no one likes to read a thesis, and then be tested on it!
  • Use templates! Our platform has 30+ interactive templates to facilitate more engaged learning, so use as many as you can in your course to shake things up for your learners.
  • Images are so important in eLearning, but it can be hard to know what sizes to use for which template. Use our cheat sheet for perfect image sizing for each of our templates.
  • Lastly, remember to employ the magic number seven (plus or minus two)! To ensure maximum retention, using this tool will keep your course simple and effective. If you're totally unsure what this means, check out our Magic Number Seven Guide here.

Learning and teaching

  • Branching scenarios are a great way to increase engagement and empower the learner. They're effectively a map or flow chart in the form of a user journey. The user starts at the beginning and is constantly presented with a series of challenges, choices, and consequences - each with its own ultimate outcome.
  • Learn and avoid these three common eLearning mistakes so your learners are able to receive feedback quickly and easily, learn in sections, and digest visuals that directly link words with images.

Learn How To Use Coassemble

We'll show you how easy the course creation process is to navigate when you use Coassemble.

How to create an online course

On your Coassemble dashboard, hover over the box with “Create” and then select “Create a Course”. Think of a title and select the appropriate department that this course will fall under. Then it's time to create! The new course will appear to the right of the original “Create” button you selected. Click “edit” to customize your new course.


Along the top is a menu for each step in creating your course, starting with “overview”. Select “overview” to customize your course by adding multimedia such as images, video, and include a course overview for your audience.

Then you might like to add an image. Click on “image” in the course's edit mode and you can upload or select images from Google. Once selected, you're able to adjust the size and ratio of your image. Once you're happy with the way it looks, click the “save” button on the bottom right. Then write an overview so your audience can refer back to it when they need it.


Select “modules” from the top menu. “add new module” on the right gives you the option to add a new lesson, a supporting document for the course, a quiz, and other handy parts to your module. Once you select an option you can add a title, edit the content, and save.

Once you save your work you'll be taken back to the "module" tab where you can see your new module component and be able to make edits.


Next, look at the top menu again and move along to “enrollments”. Click on it, then “add group” to the right of the screen. Select “create new” and add details such as a group name and course start and end dates.

Now you'll be able to see your newly created course on the “enrollments” dashboard. To the left of your new course name, select the arrow. It will drop down to an editing page where you can add course facilitators, participants, and adjust the settings such as time zone, course start, and end dates, and mandatory completion dates.

Add a facilitator by typing their name and selecting the correct one. Add new members by clicking “add facilitators” and then “add new members” and paste or type in their email address.

Once you are happy with how your course is looking, you can preview it by clicking on the top right “preview” button.

Remember, you can go back in and edit anything along the top menu at any time.

Don't forget to get feedback from your employees

Congratulations for completing your first online e-learning course! A major thing you need to make sure you don't forget after you've made a successful online course is to get feedback! While you can track how your employees are engaging with the course topic, make sure you get feedback from your learners.

When you know the course content like the back of your hand, it can be sometimes a little difficult to put yourself in the shoes of your employee who might not know as much as you do about it. At the end of the online class, you can survey your learners by asking them a range of questions about how they found the course curriculum.

Remember, we're constantly evolving and growing so use the feedback as a positive insight on how you can constantly improve you'll wonder why you hadn't moved your training online before.

You should now know how to navigate around the Coassemble platform and feel more confident in creating a course online for employee training.

If you've not signed up for our free trial yet, you could literally transform your business with 7 days!

Build an engaging course for FREE!

Try Coassemble and transform your online training today.

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