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A Guide to Perfect Image Sizes for your Coassemble Courses

Images are one of the cornerstones of engaging Lesson content. But with our diverse range of templates, it's sometimes hard to know what size to make your images...

24 Oct 2016 by Jude Novak

As you may have already discovered, each template is unique, meaning that it also has different image size requirements (often varying depending on the number of images you are using in a specific template).

To help - we've created an online cheat sheet that lists every template alongside our recommendations for the perfect image size/s.

For example, want 3 x images side by side in the Drop Tab Template? Try sizing them at 250 x 270 pixels. When uploading an image, our image crop tool will let you know exactly how many pixels it is, making it a breeze to resize your images according to our guide. With most Lesson templates, the cropping tool will also 'remember' the aspect ratio used for your first image uploaded so that any subsequent images are uniform in appearance (handy).

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