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Best SaaS Conferences

As a global SaaS company, we’re honored by the relationships we’ve built from conferences over the years. Even though 2023 has changed the tone, many events are going digital this year to still offer exciting experiences. Check out our top picks of the best virtual SaaS conferences 2023 has to offer!

29 Oct 2020 by Rocco Brudno

We had a slew of planned events at conferences in 2020. Like many SaaS companies, we felt the impact of seeing many of these conferences rescheduling or canceling entirely. Safety is the highest priority, so we understand the need to reconsider these large-scale events during a pandemic.

Being agile during this time is critical to business survival, no matter the team or company. In lieu of hosting packed, physical events, many conferences have decided to offer virtual events. This format allows your company and team to:

  • Connect with a broader audience.
  • Engage in powerful training seminars.
  • Share and review speaker sessions from the comfort of your home.
  • Create digital offerings, host demos, and reach more customers

Below is our list of conferences that have gone digital for 2023 and how you and your team can access them. This is Coassemble’s guide to the best virtual Saas conferences 2023. At the end, we’ve included a list of events that are still currently scheduled as in-person but may transition to virtual.

These will be updated here as we learn more from them. For each event that's completed, we'll add a '✅' next to the date. If you want to see what's changed since last year, check out our blog on the best SaaS conferences of 2019. And now for what you came here for, our best virtual SaaS conferences of 2020!


We get it: you've got a lot on your plate and want to get straight to the point. We've got you covered—this section has all the facts, upfront so you know everything about SaaS Conferences 2020 at a glance.

Right now, these conferences are still available to register and attend:

These events have ended, but still offered an on-demand style content hub of everything offered during the event:South by Southwest - All sessions available on YouTube Channel.

If you want to learn more about an event or register for any upcoming SaaS Conferences 2020 still has, click a jump link or read on!

Coassemble’s list of best virtual SaaS conferences 2023

1. South by Southwest (SXSW)

Location: Austin, TX

Date: 13th March - late June ✅

What is it?

Anyone that knows anything about events knows South by SouthWest. As one of North America’s largest conferences and festivals, it was a huge hit that the physical event was cancelled. Thankfully, SXSW is home to some of the most brilliant minds around the world. Festival hosts worked with speakers and sponsors and were able to virtualize the entire event!

For the film side of the festival, Amazon is showing all of the films free to anyone with an Amazon account April 27th-May 6th. For sessions from speakers representing a diverse set of industries, roles, and companies, SXSW is hosting a virtual series that will be posted weekly through June for ticket holders. Once all of the sessions are live, they’ll be streamed on YouTube for anyone to view.

This is an incredible way to help your team learn and engage with their respective roles in their industries. If you bought tickets before the event was cancelled, you’re still getting something! Ticket holders get early access to the sessions and the ticket proceeds are going to help the events organizers and companies involved provide an incredible experience.

Who should join?

This one isn’t just for SaaS professionals. SXSW can be enjoyed and valued by any role or industry! Whether your team is strictly in SaaS or your company works with other types of media, there’s something for everyone!

2. SaaStock Remote

Location: Global

Date: 10-11th June ✅

What is it?

A global community of SaaS businesses, investors, and leaders, SaaStock helps companies gain traction and grow at scale. They do so through industry gatherings held in North and South America, Europe, and APAC. In addition to these national gatherings, quarterly meetups are held in major cities, fostering educational sessions from leaders in SaaS. This builds a stronger community and helps leaders and newcomers connect.

What makes this event so unique is that SaaStock is creating an entirely virtua conference experience. Tour the virtual demo floor, meet with mentors virtually, take part in live webinars, all without leaving your remote desk.

Who should join?

This event is for companies, leaders, teams, and individuals to meet and learn from experts in the SaaS world. You and/or your team should attend if you want to:

  • Make valuable connections.
  • Meet with investors familiar with SaaS businesses.
  • Get mentorship on actionable insights.
  • Increase your sales funnel traffic.
  • Scale your business.

As an added bonus, you’ll get to see our team at Coassemble at this event! We’ll be on the virtual demo floor talking about all the best practices to leverage if you want to train and grow your team at scale. Follow along on our blog for more info in June!

3. Adobe Summit 2020

Location: Las Vegas

Date: Finished but viewable digitally ✅

What is it?

For many SaaS businesses, customer experience (CX) is extremely important to differentiate themselves from the myriad of other products on the market. Adobe Summit deep dives into creating world-class customer experiences through experiential marketing.

What’s amazing about the Adobe Summit is that with the cancellation of the physical conference, they’ve uploaded everything online. You can enjoy the entire conference from wherever to gain valuable insight into CX, content creation tools, and more! There’s a total of 400+ sessions with speakers from global brands like Taco Bell Corp, Pfizer, Amazon, and more.

While the ability to network at this event has been lessened, you’re able to experience all of the speaker sessions without having to miss a thing. And in classic Adobe fashion, you can download a majority of the information on highly detailed PDF’s.

Who should join?

Anyone involved in content development, customer experience, leadership, and anyone interested in adding creativity to their professional roles.

4. Pulse Everywhere 2020

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: 13-14th May 2020 ✅

What is it?

Pulse Everywhere by GainInsight is one of the biggest customer success (CS) and product management conferences. The event is two days of incredible content, virtual networking, and digital connection. The best part? The event is 100% free.

If you attend the conference, you’ll hear from over 200 expert speakers over 2 days. The sessions deep dive into the latest trends, predictions, and strategies for CS and Product teams. GainInsight, Salesforce, and Zoom are just some of the companies that have confirmed speakers scheduled.

This conference provides great networking opportunities with other professionals. Take this as a chance to widen your circle, or learn how others tackle growth challenges. If you don’t get a chance to chat during the day, don’t forget to attend the annual ‘Pulse’ after-party for last-minute connections.

Who should join?

If your role, team, or company is centered around customer success and product management, this event is a must see. Not to mention a great offering for an event that’s world renowned.

5. MozCon

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 6-7th July ✅

What is it?

Normally held in Seattle, Washington, MozCon is going digital this year. If you or your team want to explore the depths of search marketing, this is one event you can’t miss. Connect with community experts and learn the best practices and strategies currently available for SEO. Speakers for the event come from every corner of the digital marketing community discussing a variety of topics on search engine marketing tactics.

Who should join?

If your role involves SEO, marketing, or you’re in leadership, you’ll connect with all kinds of like-minded people at MozCon. Whether you want to start making better data-driven decisions or land higher SEO page results, there’s something for everyone to take away.

6. Inbound 2020

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Date: 22-23rd September ✅

What is it?

Hosted by Hubspot, Inbound 2020 is an unmissable event that celebrates the helpful, human side of the business. At Inbound, you’ll hear from over 250+ industry experts. Previous speakers include former First Lady Michelle Obama and world-class creatives like Janelle Monae and Elizabeth Gilbert.

The event decided to go remote, becoming a fully interactive digital experience. Many of the content tracks were available on-demand, allowing anyone to watch all of them, rather than picking and choosing. Once the event ended, all of the content became purchasable to view as one learning experience.

The content library can be accessed here and will be available until 6th September, 2021. This is a great deal for SaaS Conferences 2020 goers that want to learn everything Inbound has to offer when convenient for them.

Who should attend?

Like HubSpot’s platform, Inbound can offer something to anyone in any role from any field.

7. Business of Software (BOS)

Location: Boston, MA

Date: 21-23rd September 2020 ✅

What is it?

Business of Software (BOS) 2020 is a single track conference that helps you drive sustainable, profitable, growth in your SaaS or software business. BOS 2020 will take a deep dive into scaling your business. Known for the quality of speakers and sessions, BOS is keeping in line with their past events while delivering the entire experience digitally. This means you can enjoy the benefits of connecting with their community while taking your time to learn from industry leaders.

Who should join?

If you or your team are interested in learning from experts on how to grow your business, this is definitely an event worth your time.

8. Ascent Conference

Location: Manhattan, New York

Date: 30th September- 1st October 2020 ✅

What is it?

Ascent is a 2-day conference focused on bringing together senior leaders in the East Coast tech community to learn, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships. Ascent is going virtual this year, taking a similarly revolutionary approach to the event. With AI-powered video chat pairing to people you definitely should meet and a virtual demo floor and speaker sessions, Ascent plans to deliver a great experience. With over 350 exhibitors and 4000 attendees (>40% are C-Level, >50% are VP level), you can expect to create some valuable connections. You may meet your next star hire, investor, customer, or mentor.

Who should join?

If you are a start-up looking for exposure, Ascent might be the conference to check out. There is something for everyone at Ascent, whether you’re new in the SaaS industry, or a seasoned veteran.

9. B2B Marketing Exchange

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Date: 26-28th October ✅

What is it?
The B2B Marketing Exchange gives you the chance to join more than 1,000 of your peers for actionable use cases and the latest models around ABM, DevOps, content experiences, partner marketing, and more.

Making the shift many of the SaaS Conferences 2020 have, B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange is going fully online. With over 1500 marketers and 50+ individual sessions, . The biggest benefit of this event going remote is that you can maximize the value by catching every speaker on your time.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the marketing industry that wants to find new strategies to reach and grow their customer bases. Marketers and sales reps interested in diversifying how they can interact with customers remotely will benefit the most.

10. Running Remote

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Dates: 18th November 2020 ✅

What is it?

Running Remote is a one-of-a-kind event that is all about building and growing remote teams. The conference is held over 2 days, with 18 sessions delivered by 30 speakers. At the event, you can expect to hear from leading remote work experts like the CEO of Zapier, the Founder of Flexjobs and many other leaders that have run a remote-first business. They will share actionable strategies and tactics that you can start using to manage your remote team straight away.

The organizers decided to push the date back until November to give them time to take the event online. Running Remote's philosophy of enabling remote employees and teams to function at a higher level encouraged them to demonstrate this in practice. By converting a digital event, this is one SaaS Conference 2020 won't want to miss.

Who should attend?

Whether you're an entrepreneur about to start a remote team, a manager of a remote team, a digital nomad, or a professional that works from home—you'll find something of value!

11. Dreamforce Annual Conference

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Date: November - December 2020 ✅

What is it?

Hosted by Salesforce, Dreamforce is the largest cloud and SaaS-centric conference in the world! Even though Salesforce has decided to reimagine the rest of its 2020 events for the virtual space, they plan to create memorable experiences.

Salesforce has announced that Dreamforce 2020 is going entirely digital this year. The event, now called "Dreamforce to You 2020" is completely FREE this year, so we definitely recommend attending (average ticket price can range between 1-3000K$). You'll still get an incredible experience while enjoying the benefits of comfy loungewear and your pet gets to sit in your lap.

Who should join?

Dreamforce is for trailblazers, market changers, and visionaries. Whether you’re a company of five or a Fortune 500, you’ll take away plenty of inspiration and ideas from Dreamforce. With the even going fully remote this year as well as free, Dreamforce is the most accessible SaaS conference 2020 has to offer.

12. Web Summit

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Date: 2-4th December 2020 ✅

What is it?

Founded by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly, and Daire Hickey, Web Summit is the largest tech and SaaS Conference 2020 in the world. Every major tech and SaaS company attend including Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Atlassian, and more each year.

The program has over 800 speakers, from over 150 countries, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Dubbed "Glastonbury for geeks" by the Guardian, Web Summit still plans to deliver an incredible experience virtually. One of the biggest boons of attending this year is to see all the solution providers that pivoted in 2020.

Who should join?

Anyone interested in making tech and SaaS community connections on a global scale would want to attend. This by far one of the best events if you're trying to build lead generation or access new markets.

13. SaaStr Scale 2020

Location: Digital: wherever you're located

Date: 8-9th December 2020 ✅

What is it?

Hosted completely online this year, SaaStr's SaaStr Scale 2020 event plans to deliver powerful growth tactics for software businesses. The event features 20,000 revenue leaders from sales, marketing, customer success, and product departments. So far fifty speakers from the top tier SaaS companies across the world are on the schedule.

This event is another great networking event, with a nearly global reach. The tickets very affordable for individuals and teams, even offering a free option for just the keynote speaker track. Leaders from Snowflake, Zendesk, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Airtable, and more will offer their secrets to scale growth and revenue for SaaS companies.

Who should join?

Scaling growth and revenue to increase your MRR and ARR are crucial as a SaaS firm. SaaStr Scale 2020 intends to deliver proven strategies from leading SaaS experts in their vertical markets. Even taking the keynote track for free will give you great insights into how a SaaS business can increase revenue.

Physical conferences yet to go digital

1. Growth Marketing Conference

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: December 2020 ✅

What is it?

The Growth Marketing Conference (GMC) is the leading event for all things growth marketing. At GMC, there will be 100+ actionable sessions focused on customer lifecycle marketing, B2B and enterprise growth, product innovation and growth, and organic, performance, and new growth channels. 2019’s speakers featured the CMO of Salesforce, the Head of Digital Marketing at Autodesk, and the US Segment Lead from Pinterest.

GMC is actively following health guidelines for any further changes prior to the event. We’ll continue to update this blog as we get closer to December.

Who should attend?

GMC is a focused event for B2B and B2C growth marketers

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