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Team Q&A: 7 Questions With Our Head of Product Growth, Kamil Jureczko

Kamil's passion for having a clear objective started as a child and has guided him to Coassemble as our new Head of Product Growth. Let's find out more!

27 Feb 2022 by Annie Symonds

As Coassemble grows, our search to find an epic Head of Product Growth has been achieved! Welcome Kamil Jureczko, who joined the team just before Christmas 2021. In the last few months, he's settled in fast and has become a crucial team member at Coassemble.

In this article, we're going to find out what made Kamil join Coassemble, he'll share his tips for anyone looking to join a start-up, and he'll tell us why the Apollo 11 mission has been an integral part of his upbringing.

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1. What does your role as Head of Product Growth look like at Coassemble?

As Head of Product Growth, my role is to make sure Coassemble is accessible to the broadest possible audience. It's also my role to retain customers and show them the value of growing alongside us.

2. What made you join Coassemble?

Before joining Coassemble, I spoke to many of the co-workers I would be working alongside, which helped me clearly see what the business wanted to achieve. From the first conversation I had with our CEO Ryan, I knew what the business wanted to do, which clarified the goals and objectives. I also found it refreshing to see how the business strategy is built around the customer journey, something I had rarely seen working for previous companies.

My role had excellent clarity about what my position needed to achieve and how it fits within the business. After chatting to various stakeholders, I could see how everyone is really friendly and passionate about creating value for the customers every day.

3. What do you love about working in product growth for a start-up?

Within the few months I've been at Coassemble, I love seeing transparency throughout every team in the business. Everyday work is shared on our Slack channels so it's easy to see how everyone's work comes together to build Coassemble, and how rapidly we create new value for our customers. There's something really exciting about how supportive each team member is towards helping each other out.

I also love how hands-on working for a start-up is because, essentially, there's more responsibility for moving parts of the role. This can make it challenging but so rewarding to learn new skills and grow much faster than working for a larger company.

4. What advice would you give anyone looking to work in a start-up?

As I said above, more responsibilities are given to you when working for a start-up. This means you'll need to be prepared to move fast, and prioritize ruthlessly. You need to deliver incremental success through quick wins and foundational work that takes time but will enable future triumphs for the business.

I recommend being open to meeting your partners and stakeholders because you'll need to understand the context of everything. You'll want to set up meetings as soon as you join the business to understand their objectives and how it contributes to the business as a whole.

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5. Tell us why you moved from Poland to Australia?

Call it fate, but how I ended up moving to Australia is based on meeting a few British expats while on my honeymoon in Bali in 2012. They had moved to Australia years previously, and after telling us about the quality of life the country has to offer, it sparked interest for us.

When we got back home to life in Poland, we decided to quit our long-term jobs and make a move to a country we had never been to before.

Within two years of our honeymoon, we came up with a strategic plan and moved to Cairns, Queensland, for a six-month holiday before moving to Sydney to start work. We then moved to Sunshine Coast, Queensland, in 2020, and Australia has been our home ever since.

6. Where's your favorite diving spot in the world?

During our six-month holiday in Cairns, I grew to love scuba diving so much that my holidays are now always revolved around finding amazing diving spots worldwide.

"I love the feeling of weightlessness which makes me feel like I'm flying underwater. It's a feeling like no other."

My favorite diving location to date is in North Sulawesi in Indonesia. The underwater life here is so diverse; you can see beautiful coral reefs on one side and the Lembeh Strait on the other, home to muck diving and some fascinating species.

The top of my bucket list is to dive in Silfra in Iceland. This is where two tectonic plates in Iceland collide, but you won't see any living underwater life here. The reason people dive here is that the visibility has no limit. Usually, in diving, you can see down to 40 meters, but when the visibility continues on and on, it's a site you won't see in many other places in the world.

7. Tell us something we wouldn't know about you?

Many people might not know about my love for Project Apollo. I have a few pieces of memorabilia in my house, not because I have a passion for space but because I love the objective of this particular mission. Before this program, NASA was working on hundreds of projects. When the team came together with one single objective, they changed the world as we know it.

Having a single clear objective is something I have used throughout my entire life, which is why working for Coassemble was an obvious choice for me to grow alongside. Exciting times are ahead!

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