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Employee Disciplinary Action Form

Discover how to quickly put together an Employee Disciplinary Action Form to keep vital processes in place for all managers in the workplace.

23 May 2022 by Annie Symonds

Need to put together an Employee Disciplinary Action Form but unsure where to start? Maybe your current disciplinary form needs updating, and you're looking for some tips on how to improve it?

Set expectations for the entire company policy when you nail your disciplinary action form correctly by using our Employee Disciplinary Action Form Template.

Know that every company needs to follow the standard compliance and policy procedures to set expectations for employees in the workplace. Having a standardized document will help you stay organized and professional.

What you'll find in this guide

In this guide, we're going to explain the core vitals around why you need an employee discipline form and how easy our Employee Disciplinary Action Form Template is to use.

Our training experts and designers have designed an interactive and engaging template so you can use it as a starting point or simply tweak it as you need to.

Add in your own copy, branding, and imagery to make it your own, and feel free to add or delete screens as you need to. With over 30+ lesson screens to choose from, you'll be able to create an Employee Disciplinary Action Form with ease.

You'll also be able to track who has seen your online training when you send it to managers across the business, what they clicked on and how long they spent on each page with our easy-to-use analytics tracking system. Having access to this data will help you see areas you might need to update and improve on as time goes on.

Why do you need an Employee Disciplinary Action Form?

If you're a small business or start-up, you might be wondering if you need to spend time putting together an online employee disciplinary action form. With few employees, you know you could deal with employee behavior in the moment, as and when it happens.

This method won't be professional or practical for all managers and team members involved. Instead, you'll need a standard discipline action form you can use anytime inappropriate behavior needs addressing. It's also important to observe rules and regulations and meet organizational team expectations.

Still not convinced? Here are some disciplinary action examples to see the value in putting such forms together.

Document inappropriate conduct

There's a process that will need to be implemented when an employee commits inappropriate behavior. You might start with a verbal warning, leading to a written warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, you may have to issue a disciplinary action form. However, to conduct the process, you'll need to put the employee review in writing to keep it on file as a reference if any future issues arise.

This will help you stay organized with team members as your company grows. It will also help future team members who might be going into a managerial or human resources role to keep updated with the previous situations.

Keep consistency the same for all employees

It's essential to keep consistent by issuing the same procedure for all employees so you can highlight equality in the workplace. This shows you are keeping track of the inappropriate behavior by giving the same action form for all staff members. By doing this, you'll avoid any legal discrimination matters.

Improve team member's behavior and performance

It's important to note that you are issuing a disciplinary action form because you genuinely care about our employees. Allow them to reflect and understand the why behind their inappropriate behavior and how you want to help them grow alongside the company and their team members.

When to use disciplinary action forms

Unsure when you need to use disciplinary action forms? Understanding where the line is, is up to your company policy, but you'll need to have the policies and procedures in place in your Employee Handbook. You can check out our Employee Handbook Template if you need to refresh yours or start one from scratch.

Here's some of the most common reasons for disciplinary action forms are required:

  • Violation of company policies or procedures
  • Not being on time to work on too many occasions
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Issues with work quality or performance
  • Safety violations

Disciplinary Actions Styles

Before we get into how to use our Employee Disciplinary Action Form Template, we'll just break down some of the styles of disciplinary actions that would be a nod to putting on the employee's file as misconduct.

Here are a few of the misconduct behaviors that would require disciplinary action leading toward the disciplinary action process.

Verbal warning

You might like to start with a verbal warning if the behavior isn't too serious and the manager doesn't feel further steps are needed. However, verbal warnings are informal, whereby the manager will sit down with the employee, and no written documentation will be made.

If you're looking for a verbal warning template so you can document this process for new managers, use our Employee Disciplinary Action Form Template as your starting point to tweak the template for your company.

Written Warning

If the manager has already gone through the verbal warning process and continues inappropriate behavior, you might need to issue a written warning. A written warning might also need to be given if the offense is serious, which must be completed by the manager and employee. If you're looking for a written warning template, again, you can use our template as your starting point.

Final warning stage

If the two above warnings haven't worked, you'll need to issue your employee a final warning to avoid dismissal. Or, if a severe offense has occurred at work, you'll need to go straight to the final warning state before they are dismissed from the company.

Be clear you are there to help the employee as you have their interest at heart, but if they are not responding to your company's policies and procedures, they'll need to know they are at the final warning stage.

You'll need a final warning template which you can use our template to get started.

Dismissal stage

If the employee hasn't followed each stage of the disciplinary process, you'll need to issue a dismissal inquiry. This goes for any serious offenses you'll need to leave the employee to leave the organization.

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