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Employee Attraction

Employee Attraction is gold. The best potential candidates will only join your organization if they feel you’re a good fit for them. Attracting top talent with these employee experience practices guarantees the best candidates will be lining up for an interview. Find out how in this article.

24 Feb 2021 by Rocco Brudno

Staying competitive in today’s market means fine-tuning your offering and your team. The recruitment and selection process can be difficult, especially with many teams in 2020 working remotely. However, attracting top talent with employee experience established in your organization guarantees great additions to your team.

An effective employee experience can attract high-performing employees by showcasing your team culture, training programs, and growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how attracting top talent with employee experience can make your hiring process a dream come true.

What top talent looks for in future employers

How many employees does your team or organization have? What if we told you more than 50% of them are looking for a new employer? According to Gallup’s “Perspective on Employee Experience,” 63% of employees believe they can find a similar or better role than their current one. Of that amount, 51% are actively looking to leave their current company.

Gallup links a strong employee experience with increased employee satisfaction and engagement. Both of which aid in attracting top talent to your organization. Why are millennials and Gen Z job hopping? Because they want to work for companies that offer more than competitive pay.

Top talent, especially among these younger generations cite the below reasons for considering and joining a new company:

  • 60% of employees seek growth opportunities.

  • Team culture—a core value of the employee experience is a big cause for top talent to choose a new organization.

  • 90% of employees say that they have or would leave a role to pursue a better work-life balance. This is a huge factor for an employee wellness program.

  • Company values are a big-ticket item for attracting top talent. Currently, only 23% of employees agree with their company’s values. Attracting top talent to your organization means aligning with candidates that support your mission and goals.

The next potential member of your team can come from anywhere. But understanding what attracts top talent that are also a great fit is essential to sustainable business growth. So let’s look at three proven components of the employee experience that will your organization at the top of every candidate’s list.

How to attract top talent with employee experience

Employee experience is all about creating a foundation of trust, compassion, and understanding with your employees. The number 1# factor many employees leave their current organization or select a new one is engagement. Employee engagement is attributed to how a staff member is treated by their organization.

If employees are treated well, respected, and empowered to succeed, they’ll stay with an organization and recommend them to colleagues. This increases brand recognition internally and externally by showcasing the benefits of working with your organization. Below, we’ve broken down how culture, training, and growth opportunities can help you hire the best talent for your team.


Like your organization’s value, the team culture you foster with your staff has to be strong and authentic. Everyone wants to work for the fun company that provides eBikes and free lunch halls. But top talent especially searches for teams that have a culture that keeps morale and happiness high. Offering perks beyond the standard 401K and health plan options actually does go a long way. Attracting top talent

Culture also means having a strong “humanness” within your organization. According to this article by Forbes, 96% of U.S.-based employees believe empathy to be crucial to employee retention. The disconnect between CEO and leadership is that while 90% believe they’re empathetic, only 50% of employees felt they were somewhat if at all. And after COVID-19’s impact on the job market, employers have to be transparent in how they can help employees. This is crucial both for employee retention and attracting top talent.

Lastly, you want to think about how feedback is given and received between employees and leadership. Is it critical and delivered from leadership down or is it constructive and two-way in that employees can respond? Enabling your team to receive and deliver feedback creates open communication and builds a strong team culture.


Did you know the manager, not the team, accounts for 70% of the variance in employee engagement? This means the person leading your team has the biggest impact on whether your employees are driven to their work. You can attract top talent by carrying a reputation for strong leadership.

The easiest way to enable your leaders to drive employee engagement is through effective training. If your leadership can create and deliver training that’s accessible and engaging, you’ll see a direct increase in employee engagement. Why is that important? Engaged employees are:

  • 41% less absent in their roles.

  • 17% more productive with their work.

  • 24-59% less likely to quit.

  • 21% more profitable in their work for their organization.

Attracting top talent by offering effective training can be simple with an online training platform. You can take the best practices of your in-house top performers and deliver them across the organization to upskill all employees. It’s also attractive for top talent to learn they can conduct their onboarding or enablement training via mobile device or from a home office.

Growth Opportunities

Business growth is representative of how your team is able to grow internally to adapt and succeed. Growth opportunities that are great for attracting top talent include advancement and promotion opportunities. If a candidate finds out moving up in your organization is difficult or stagnant, it’s difficult to see a future.

We recommend continuous learning methods for advancement offerings to your team first. These can be conferences to develop new skills or further hone current role functions. You can also offer advanced training opportunities that can be done in-house.
Laying out a growth path for promotion is equally important to attracting top talent. If prospective candidates understand how to progress within your organization, they can see a clear path for growth. Using platforms like Lattice can make it easy to plan a development strategy with every employee. The time it takes to build these can also be saved by creating a base plan and then making adjustments for each employee.

The employee experience helps employees reach their full potential professionally and personally. By laying that foundation for the future with potential candidates, attracting top talent will be a breeze.

For even more ideas on how to leverage employee experience to scale growth and attract top talent for your team, chat with us! Our experts have developed hundreds of solutions to create scalable growth for businesses like your own.

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