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Employee Attraction

The best potential candidates will only join your organization if they feel you’re a good fit for them. Attracting and retaining top talent with these employee experience practices guarantees the best candidates will be lining up for an interview, enhancing your overall employee attraction strategy.

24 Feb 2021 by Rocco Brudno

Staying competitive in today’s market means fine-tuning your offering and your team. The recruitment and selection process can be difficult, especially with many teams adopting either a hybrid work or remote-only environment. However, attracting top talent with employee experience established in your organization ensures a pipeline of exceptional additions to your team. Today, we’ll illustrate how to seamlessly transform your hiring process into a dream scenario, attracting and retaining top talent in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

What is employee attraction?

Employee attraction refers to the strategies and practices that organizations use to draw in and appeal to potential employees. It involves creating a positive and compelling image of your company as an employer of choice. Ultimately, the goal of employee attraction is to entice top talent to consider and choose a career with your organization.

The key elements of employee attraction are:

  1. Employer branding: Building and promoting a positive image of the company as a great place to work. This multifaceted approach incorporates brand strategy, showcasing the company's values, culture, and unwavering commitment to employee well-being.
  2. Recruitment marketing: Employing marketing techniques to attract potential candidates. This may involve using social media, job boards, and other channels to promote the company and its job opportunities.
  3. Competitive compensation and benefits: Offering competitive salary and benefits packages to make the organization more appealing compared to others in the industry.
  4. Employee experience: Creating a positive and engaging experience for current employees, as they can become advocates for the company. A positive work environment, opportunities for growth, and a supportive culture contribute to a strong employee experience.
  5. Training: Highlighting the opportunities for learning and career advancement within the organization. This could include training programs, mentorship initiatives, or clear paths for career progression.

Essentially, employee attraction is about creating a magnetic and appealing workplace that not only attracts top talent but also retains and engages current employees over the long term.

Let's talk about each of the elements now.

Employer branding

Employer branding is the art and science of shaping and promoting your company's image as an employer. This involves a comprehensive strategy that integrates brand elements to create a compelling narrative about what it's like to work for your organization.

This usually involves showcasing your company's core values, its unique culture, and an unwavering commitment to employee well-being. A successful employer branding strategy aligns your organization's overall brand identity with its identity as an employer, creating a cohesive and authentic image that resonates with potential and current employees.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is about applying marketing principles to attract, engage, and nurture potential candidates. It involves leveraging various channels, including social media, job boards, and other online platforms, to promote the company and its job opportunities.

Of course, this goes beyond merely posting job openings; it's about crafting compelling messages that highlight your organization's strengths, values, and unique selling points. By effectively marketing the company as a desirable workplace, recruitment marketing aims to capture the attention and interest of top talent in a competitive job market.

Competitive compensation and benefits

Offering competitive compensation and benefits is a fundamental aspect of employee attraction. Beyond just salary, it includes a comprehensive package that encompasses health benefits, retirement plans, bonuses, and other perks. Competitive compensation not only attracts top talent but also demonstrates the organization's commitment to recognizing and rewarding the contributions of its employees. This element is crucial for positioning the company as an employer of choice in a landscape where candidates weigh the total value of their employment package.

Our Employee Handbook Template is the best place to list your entire compensation and benefits package — and more!

Employee experience

Employee experience is about creating a positive and engaging environment for the current workforce. This involves fostering a culture of collaboration, providing opportunities for skill development and career growth, and maintaining a supportive work atmosphere.

A positive employee experience not only enhances job satisfaction but also turns employees into advocates for the company. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to speak positively about their workplace, contributing to a positive employer brand and attracting like-minded individuals to the organization.


Did you know the manager, not the team, accounts for 70% of the variance in employee engagement? This means the person leading your team has the biggest impact on whether your employees are driven to their work. You can attract top talent by carrying a reputation for strong leadership.

The easiest way to enable your leaders to drive employee engagement is through effective training. If your leadership can create and deliver training that’s accessible and engaging, you’ll see a direct increase in employee engagement. Why is that important? Engaged employees are:

  • 41% less absent in their roles.

  • 17% more productive with their work.

  • 24-59% less likely to quit.

  • 21% more profitable in their work for their organization.

Retain top talent by offering effective training; this can be simple with an online training platform like Coassemble. You can take the best practices of your in-house top performers and deliver them across the organization to upskill all employees. Even better, a good training platform allows organizations to conduct their onboarding or enablement training via mobile device or from a home office.

Attracting talent, creating impact

Employee attraction is not merely a recruitment strategy; it's a dynamic and ongoing commitment to creating a workplace that magnetizes top talent. By weaving together elements of employer branding, recruitment marketing, competitive compensation, employee experience, and professional development, organizations can establish themselves as employers of choice. The key lies in fostering a positive and engaging workplace culture, one that not only attracts top-tier talent but also retains and nurtures employees over the long term.

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