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New Employee Onboarding Template

Traditionally, onboarding can be a long and tedious process. Luckily, you can quickly improve your onboarding process using our new Onboarding Plan Template, and create a slick onboarding program in no time. When you transform your new employee onboarding experience with this template, you'll drive business impact with ease.

17 Nov 2021 by Annie Symonds

Need an onboarding checklist real quick? No problem! Using our Onboarding Plan Template, you'll be able to create a ridiculously engaging onboarding course that will engage all new hires. In this guide, you'll learn how to implement training using our Onboarding Plan Template to get you started.

Trust us! Check out what Bo Pearson from Volt Athletics said when he used Coassemble's onboarding template to build his onboarding program:

Coassemble reduced our onboarding training time by 41%

Bo Pearson, Volt Athletics

Pro Tip: Listen to our podcast with Volt Athletics, Making Training Accessible with Bo Pearson

Why onboarding is crucial for every team in your business

We don't want your new employees to switch off before they've even started their new roles. It turns out 1 in 25 employees leave a new job because of terrible onboarding processes, so let's make sure that doesn't happen to you.

While onboarding is a crucial element for any manager, it's often overlooked after the contract is signed. It's true! You could find hundreds of excellent candidates to do the job better than you could have ever dreamed of, but there's not much point if they've lost interest before the role has even begun.

When you get the onboarding right, you'll see new employees settle in with the company culture much faster, resulting in them being confident in the role.

While we know anyone can be confident in a job interview, you want to make sure that confidence continues in their job role as well.

When you nail the onboarding process, you'll see new team members settle in quickly, resulting in you being able to spend more time growing the business with them.

Because let's face it! Who wants to spend time committed to onboarding training, only to have to do it again in six months?

Where to start

You know your onboarding plan needs some attention, but you might be unsure where to start. Firstly you'll need to gather all of your content together to get organized.

You won't be the only manager who has been sending your new hires various documents to read over, which may or not be in the form of Google Docs, PowerPoint presentations, Word Docs, and who knows what else. This form of onboarding is not only confusing, but there's no planning involved, and you'll have no idea what your new hires have learned in the process.

Let's get organized, help you discover what you need to put in your onboarding, what not to do, and even how to transform your training from in-person to online.

It's not entirely about you (sorry)

Even though you're about to become a training legend at work, the onboarding process is actually about your new employees and not entirely about you. Our Course Builder gives you all the tools you need to build a full training experience for your employees, so you'll see them settle in quickly and produce results above and beyond what you were expecting.

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Mistakes to avoid

We're going to start by explaining there's plenty of onboarding mistakes many managers make, which we want you to be aware of. While you can read our full guide for the 14 New Hire Onboarding Training Mistakes To Avoid, we'll share some of them with you here.

Firstly, don't think it's up to HR to organise the entire onboarding process for you. They can help you put together your HR onboarding checklist, and help you get started with it, but only you will know how to tailor your onboarding templates for your new employees.

Obviously, you won't want to forget the pre-onboarding process so you can make sure your new hire is feeling prepared for their first day. You might like to include a welcome pack and an onboarding schedule for their first week in the mail so they can be fully prepared instead of feeling totally overwhelmed on their first day.

Another trick many hiring managers forget is to leave gaps in their calendars in the first week. No one wants back-to-back meetings non-stop as it's not only exhausting, but it's actually more unproductive than you think. Give a good amount of breaks in between meetings so your new employees can take time to process what they've learned from other stakeholders.

How to move from face to face training to online training

As the world pivoted during Covid times, most businesses had to make sure they could continue working in a remote working environment. If you're getting around to moving your training online and unsure how to go about it, you'll be pleased to hear that it's much easier than you think, which you can read about in our 13 Best Virtual Onboarding Tips For Remote Employees.

Make sure you check out our complete guide for How To Switch From Manual Training To An Online Learning Platform, and you'll soon realize the benefits.

Onboarding process steps to consider

You'll want to make sure you start on the right track and make a long-lasting impression on your new employees. To do this, you'll need to consider the onboarding process steps to build into your Onboarding Plan Template.

We recommend making sure it's a collective effort with other stakeholders in the business. Film relevant people in short interviews to put into your onboarding program. This will give your new employee the advantage of getting to know other employees in the business before having meetings with them.

Make day one as memorable as possible and organize lunch with the rest of your team so the new hire can get to know everyone in a friendly environment, which will help break the ice quickly.

Plan the onboarding process well ahead and up to six months. You can read all about this in our 17 Best Employee Process Steps guide. While many managers miss the mark on this one, don't end the process too early. Make sure you have achievable goals to set your new hires at the three-month and six-month mark!

How to create online courses for your new employees

You know you need an online training platform to bring your onboarding plan to life, but you might be unsure how to go about it. The truth is, you don't need to be a magical designer to put together a fantastic onboarding course. While PowerPoints are a thing of the past, bring your employee training up to date with Coassemble's awesome new employee onboarding templates, which are pre-built for you, so all you need to do is drag and drop your content into it.

Make sure you tailor onboarding for every new employee

We want to help you produce an awesome onboarding document template that you can re-use every time you take on a new employee. But, you're going to have to tailor it for the employee as you need to understand what type of learner they are and how best to share it with them, so it doesn't get lost in a sea of emails. When you tailor the training to a specific learner, you'll see results beyond what you could ever imagine.

Now you've got your onboarding sorted, just imagine what other training you might need to organize within your business, and we'll be able to help you ace it too!

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