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30 60 90 day plan

Map out a 30, 60, 90 day plan. Get inspired by our customizable onboarding plan template so you can drop the vital info in seamlessly. Get organized by building your onboarding framework into three timelines

17 May 2022 by Annie Symonds

Unsure how to build a 30, 60, or 90 day onboarding plan and need a helping hand to put together training that works? It's essential to get the onboarding process right, and you know you need to nail an effective onboarding plan that will engage your new employees to reach every milestone of their career while working alongside you.

Get organized by building your onboarding framework into three timelines: 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. By breaking down the process into actionable steps, you'll see your new hires settle in much sooner than spending just a week training them.

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Do I really need a 30, 60, and 90 day plan?

It's not unheard of to see one day or even one week's onboarding training. Say goodbye to the days of throwing new hires into the deep end.

While it's becoming increasingly difficult to retain staff due to the Great Resignation, it's more important than ever to treat your team with integrity and to show them how much they are appreciated. It starts with the job description, which is crucial for the recruitment & selection process, before continuing into the onboarding process.

Check our Recruitment Template and our Selection Process Template you can customize so you can keep organized and track, improve and update as and when it's needed.

If you're struggling with the job description, you might like to read our How To Write An Epic Job Description guide before checking out our Job Description Template.

Deciding whether you need a 30 day onboarding process or even a 90 day onboarding plan might feel like it will take up a lot of the time you don't have. Instead, you can easily take care of giving your new hires enough attention that won't take you away from your work.

Let's get started to see what a 30, 60 or 90 day onboarding program looks like when you use Coassemble's Onboarding Plan template.

Get started by using our Onboarding Plan Template

30,60,90 day plan summary

If you're unsure whether a 90 day plan is too long for your new hire, we'll break it down so you can see what each stage of the onboarding process looks like.

Day 1-30

The first month is all about employee orientation, company culture, learning, easing into the role and setting realistic goals.

Day 31-60

As the training slows down, start to incorporate more tasks as the new hire becomes more comfortable in the company environment.

Day 61-90

When your new hire reaches the 60 day plan, it's time to give them more independence to be accountable for their work without any hand-holding required. This will help them grow with confidence while acquiring new skills.

Giving your new team members an organized and well laid out 30-60-90 day plan will help them find purpose visually; they will be able to gain confidence and settle in fast.

What you'll need to do before the new hire starts

Get your onboarding plan organized before they start and put together a pre-onboarding package. Once the contract is signed, you shouldn't wait until the new hire's first day to welcome them to the company.

Send the new team member a welcome pack which includes information about getting to know the company culture, the company's mission, company swag, hardware, email set up, relevant apps they need to install on their computer and anything else which is crucial before they join the team.

What our onboarding plan template looks like

If you're struggling to work out your onboarding plan, here's our onboarding plan template, which you can customize and add in your own text, imagery, and branding to make it your own.

You'll be surprised how much customizing you can do while adding in various interactive screens to keep your new team member engaged. Think about adding in flashcards to highlight team members, a quiz to make the onboarding fun, and a timeline of what the plan actually looks like.

Your new hire may have loads of questions to ask you after going through the Onboarding Plan, so you can add a screen in your plan which will direct any questions back to your email altogether.

Just a heads up - you can easily delete any of the screens in our ready-to-go Onboarding Template if you need to.

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Track how your new employee interacts with the onboarding plan

Interested to see how your new hire interacts with your onboarding plan? By using Coassemble's Onboarding Plan Template, you'll be able to see what your new team member clicked on and how long they spent on each page with our easy-to-use analytics.

These analytics will help you learn when you need to update and improve your onboarding plan for future new hires.

Start by welcoming your new hire

Our Onboarding Plan starts by welcoming the new hire to the company. You'll want to let them know that while the plan is a guideline, tasks may change over the course of the next 90 days so you can stay transparent across the onboarding process.

Outline new employee responsibilities

In our 90 day onboarding plan, our next screen focuses on the new employee's responsibilities, so it's clear what is required from the role. Having this written down will help set expectations without the new hire going back over the job description they read before applying for the role. By outlining the hire's daily responsibilities, they will be clear from the get-go what is expected of them.

What the first day looks like

You might like to use our slick timeline screen to showcase what the first day will look like. Map out the day in an hourly order and give some context around what they will be doing. This will be much more engaging than filling their inbox with so many meetings that they have no idea who they are with.

You might like to spend the first day organizing a couple of meeting with team members and other relevant key stakeholders they will be working with. Make sure you also organize lunch with the team to create an inclusive environment for their first day.

30-60-90 day plan

We then go straight into sharing what the next three months will look like by using the steps screen. You might like to split the content up into separate 30 day screen, 60 day screen and a 90 day screen in a proactive work style that will set realistic expectations.

This is a great starting point for talking through what every month will look like during the 90 day onboarding plan. We've separated it into three sections:

Day 1-30: Learn

Day 31-60: Grow

Day 61-90: Thrive

This is an opportunity to get your new employees excited to join the team and learn as much as possible.


Next up you're going to want to talk about the milestones, SMART goals for each month. Here we've used the acronym screen so your new employees can click and open each box to reveal what each month will look like.

We've grouped the measurable goals into three boxes which reveal a week-by-week action plan. This will help the new hire clearly see the expected milestones required. You don't need to go into too much detail about the milestones as you won't want to overwhelm your new employees.

Think about making it simple by using bullet points. You can always go back and add in more details when the new hire is looking back over the onboarding plan when they are a couple months into the new role when they are clarifying their top priorities within the reasonable workload.

Check-in with your new employee

It's super important to conduct regular check-ins with your new employee. Let them know you'll be scheduling in weekly catch-ups during the 30-60-90 day plan so you can guide them in the right direction, answer any questions they might have and generally help them settle into the role as quickly as possible. We've used a simple Text and Image screen to share this information so you can continue regular growth conversations and continue to set learning goals.

What does the onboarding plan look like post 90 days?

While many companies are now onboarding their new employees with a 6 month onboarding plan, it's encouraged to conduct a stay interview after the 90 day plan so you can continue ongoing training and professional development as and when required.

We've used the flowchart screen to highlight the questions you might like to ask your new hire so you can get feedback on how to improve the onboarding process. You'll want to know what are the pain points they are experiencing as well as what has clearly worked within the process as well.

Set personal goals

At the end of our Onboarding Plan, we discuss personal goals for new hires. In this actionable screen, you'll want to ask your new team member to upload the three goals they want to achieve not only in the first few weeks but within the first few months of joining the new company so they can hit the ground running. We recommend creating a table with goals and performance metrics for the new hire to complete.

More onboarding templates to choose from

Looking for more onboarding templates to choose from? Check out our Onboarding Page and choose from various templates to help you put the training together with ease. Simply sign up to our 7 day free trial to get started today!

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