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The features you need to grow a business you love

Your business is growing and you’ve realised you need to step up your efficiency—you need Coassemble. We’ve got all the features you need to download your business how-to’s into engaging online courses.

Lesson screens

Our lesson screens are the building blocks of your course. With over 30 different screen layout types, we offer unlimited possibilities to present your information in an engaging and interactive way.

  • Standard screens
  • Presentation screens
  • Challenge screens

Advanced Branding and Workspace Customization

Whether you are sharing courses with your team members, customers or clients, personalizing your online course experience promotes brand recognition and creates consistency.

Header logo, colour and workspace banner

Workspace and lesson colour schemes

Site title, workspace name and favicon

Custom domain and email, and much more


Certificates of Completion

Positive recognition is a powerful way to drive knowledge retention and engagement. A great way to reward your learners for completing your course is to issue them with a certificate of completion.

Customize certificates with our certificate builder

Sprinkle confetti with your brand colors

Upload or select celebratory badges for the finish screen

Customize finish screen text and more



Connect Coassemble with your tech stack. Save time by streamlining daily tasks. Enrol your users into courses, send emails and deliver your training with automation. Your team, customers or clients can get access to the information they need without switching context.

Automatically enroll participants to courses

Sign participants up to a webinar when enrolled into a new course

Sign new enrollments up to a mailing list

Access our API to use your workspace data externally and more

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Data insights

Reporting and analytics

Feel like you’re left in the dark when it comes to knowing who’s interacting with your training? It’s time to light the way—Coassemble offers powerful data analytics so you can get deep on every interaction with all of your online training courses.

Real-time insights on learner course progression

Dig into the analytics by learner or group

Granular insights by courses, lesson, quiz, assignments and more

Create your first course in minutes — it's free

Take our platform for a spin today and see how easy it is to create interactive and engaging courses. No credit card required.