7 Tips for working remotely

Remote work is rapidly becoming the standard work environment for what used to be considered “in-office only” roles. With the COVID-19 spread shifting many companies online, knowing how to work at home is essential.

What is eLearning?

You might have heard the term 'eLearning' or 'microlearning' being thrown around lately, but what is it really? Whether you're new to #OnlineTraining or a online training veteran, we've put together this guide to help you know everything you need to get started using eLearning!

The CoLab Podcast Ep. 1: What is online training?

Every team has a story to tell, and we’re excited to create a platform to share these tales with all of you. We’re pleased to announce the release of episode 1 of The CoLab Podcast!

How to build the best employee wellness program

Your #employeewellness can directly impact how well your team and company perform 🧘‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤸‍♂️ Don’t miss your 🎯 one of the most important aspects of a great #EmployeeExperience. We've put together this post for you to learn how to jump-start your employee wellness program

How sales enablement training increases productivity

Did you know knowledge can be a competitive edge? By proving your sales team with #salesenablement training, you can dramatically increase their productivity? Find out how in our latest article on the blog!

Summer Culture and Company Updates!

Live emojis aren’t the only smiles we’ve made since summer started! Two new offices, a ton of awards, and some big changes to the platform have made the last few months a blast for our team. Check out our latest culture and company post, live on the blog!

Why are Millennials and Gen Z job hopping?

#Millennials and Gen Z are job-hopping—and with a dismal 29% #employeeengagement rate, it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s culture, a sense of purpose, or learning opportunities, you have options to bridge that gap. Read our latest blog: why are millennials and gen z job hopping

What is an authoring tool?

An authoring tool is a software that exists either standalone or alongside an online training platform and enables users to create learning content with various forms of media.

What is employee experience?

Your team should be regarded as highly as your customers. #EmployeeExperience revolutionizes how you treat your employees and offers a process that looks at the entire employee journey to create a better experience. Check out our latest blog to learn what is employee experience.

How training increases revenue for business growth

Your team is the most powerful driver to growing your bottom line. By leveraging training tools, you can scale growth. All from a platform that allows you to create rich training in minutes. Click here to learn more about how training increases revenue for business growth.

Unlocked Learning—Training analytics made easy

Measuring your training shouldn't be boring or take hours from your day. It should be as easy as accessing a dashboard—right?

How to deliver contextually relevant training

How can you ensure your team training is delivered in a timely manner? With powerful training delivery tools like Unlocked Learning, you’ll be able to share knowledge with your team where and when it matters most.

Unlocked Learning—how to evolve your learning content

Creating content to train your team doesn’t require you to have a degree and years of experience. Those things do help, but what’s important is designing learning opportunities your team will benefit from experiencing. Unlocked Learning is going to #setknowledge free

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